EXQUISIT Models INC is a company created for the Aspiring Model. For the girl next door that everyone compliments and says you look like a model. Or the girl that dreams of being on a magazine, or on a runway, or thinks...I can do that; but how? The model that enjoys hobby modeling but wants more without the outrageous price tag or scam. EMI has a staff that is experienced and involved in local and surrounding Markets. We know what clients are looking for and can train and prepare you to gain experience and accommodate their needs and the aspiring model's wants.  We are Baltimore based in Owings Mills, MD with a new office in Randallstown. We are home-grown, and we will service anyone that seeks our help to achieve their dream. We are the answer to the question, how do I get started in the entertainment industry? So... Are you Exquisit? ​

Interviews Are being Held for the 2017 Fall Season. Are You Exquisit?

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